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Community Publications

Publications from community organizations must meet the guidelines of our Board Policy 904.3 – Distribution of Materials. Our acceptance of publications for display here does not imply agreement with or support of their content by the schools, administration, staff, Board or individual reviewing the materials.

Community Publications Require the Following Disclaimer:

“This is not an Webster City Community School District publication, nor is it in any way endorsed or sponsored by the District. This publication is being provided only to inform you of other community activities and opportunities.”

You must include the disclaimer on the electronic file for the flyer you submit online. If your flyer doesn’t include the disclaimer, we will ask you to correct it and resubmit your event with the updated flyer.

Other Helpful Tips

  • A date for your event is required. If there are multiple, please utilize the date range and fully explain the details in the event description. If you leave the date field blank, your event may not post. 
  • Do include the disclaimer on your flyer. A flyer is not required for posting. 
  • If you have a website link that describes your event, please include that information. 

District, Booster or PTO Publications

We believe that student participation in co-curricular activities is an important parallel to students’ curricular experience. In order to promote these activities and make them available to as many students as possible, the District encourages participation of parents and other community members in supporting co-curricular boosters clubs.

Similarly, the District endorses and appreciates school/community partnerships and participation of PTO organizations in fund-raising and other activities designed to support school activities, programs and family engagement.

District, Booster and PTO/PTA activities do not require the disclaimer.

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