Student National Anthem Protests

Dear Lynx Families and Community,

As you may be aware, members of our high school band decided to peacefully protest by taking a knee during the National Anthem before the start of the first two football games this season.

As a school district, we respect our students' First Amendment right to freedom of speech and to peacefully protest. We encourage our students to be engaged citizens who also maintain tolerance for the perspectives of others, including those with whom they may disagree.

Recently, other members of the band have expressed that they feel the protest has become a distraction from their performances. High school administration has facilitated discussions with the students, who have come to a resolution after being given an opportunity to provide their input. Moving forward, band members who choose to engage in kneeling during the National Anthem will do so to the side of the stands, rather than on the field.

We are proud and supportive of our students for working together to find common ground and coming up with a workable solution to what we know can be a difficult issue.

Dr. Mandy Ross, Superintendent
Mr. Pat Farley, WCHS Assistant Principal Ms. Rachel Daum, WCHS Band Director Ms. Lauren Smith, WCHS Counselor

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